Salem-Keizer Volcanoes Logo

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Salem-Keizer Volcanoes Logo
The Salem-Keizer Volcanoes have been known as a farm team for the San Francisco Giants since the Keizer team was established in 1997. The teams’ palettes share some of the colors, and yet, their logos are far from being similar.

Meaning and History logo

Salem-Keizer Volcanoes Logo history

The choice of the name was inspired by the role and number of volcanoes in Oregon. We should specifically point out Mount Jefferson, which can be seen over the Volcanoes Stadium’s centerfield wall.

Primary symbol

Salem-Keizer Volcanoes symbol
It’s hardly a surprise that the centerpiece of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes logo is a volcano. The lava running from it forms the “S.” There’s also the word “Volcanoes” below.

Cap emblem

Salem-Keizer Volcanoes emblem
The cap insignia depicts a large letter “V” with a baseball running through its top.