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The Harrisburg Senators started their way in baseball in 1976 under the name of the Berkshire Brewers. The current name was taken in 1987. As of 2018, the team competes in the Eastern League and has the status of the Double-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals.

Meaning and history

Harrisburg Senators Logo history

The Harrisburg Senators have spent over 30 years under their current name. During this period, they’ve had at least three major logo overhauls.

1987 — 2005

Harrisburg Senators Logo 1987The original Harrisburg Senators logo (1987) featured the word “Senators” scripted in large red letters with a white and black outline. There was also the text “Harrisburg” in plain black letters and a stars-and-stripes banner.

2006 — 2012

Harrisburg Senators Logo 2006The 2006/07 playing season saw the team with a new emblem. Once again, it was based on the wordmark, but the style was utterly different. The in which the word “Senators” was given grew simpler and more legible, the banner was replaced by a baseball looking like a comet with its “tail” made up of stars and stripes.

2013 — Today

Harrisburg Senators logo

The emblem introduced in advance of the 2013/14 playing season created a distinctive visual link with the parent team. The script “H” was placed inside a blue ring looking very much like the roundel “A” logo of the Washington Nationals.


Harrisburg Senators Logo old

The palette of the Harrisburg Senators logo combines three of the most popular baseball logo colors – red, navy blue, and white – with noble gold details.

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