San Francisco Giants Logo

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San Francisco Giants Logo
The Giants debuted as the New York Gothams. It was in 1883. Two years passed and their name changed to the Giants. In 1958 the team was relocated to San Francisco. The fact that the Giants have played for two home cities explains the multiple number of their logos and their great diversity.

Meaning and History logo

San Francisco Giants Logo history

The team has a rich collection of 23 logos ‒ 18 from New York and 5 logos from San Francisco.


New York Giants Emblem
All the logos used for the seasons played in the Big Apple consist of only two elements ‒ the letters “N” and “Y”, which is their distinctive feature. They mean New York.
The letters “N” and “Y” on the first logo are blue and there is some distance between them. They are in a block style.
On all the other logos of the New York period the letters “N” and “Y” are interlocked, they are depicted in an old style and their colors change in the following succession ‒ blue (1908), brown (1909), red (1910), black (1911-1912), black plus a purple trim (1913-1914), black (1915), blue (1916), brown (1917), blue (1918-1922), red plus a black trim (1923), red (1924-1927), blue plus red trim (1928-1929), red plus a black trim (1930-1932), brown plus an orange trim (1933-1935), blue plus a red trim (1936-1939), blue plus a red trim (1945-1946).


San Francisco Giants Symbol
Beginning with 1947 the Giants started designing their logos without the letters “N” and “Y”. The new emblem was a white baseball with seams in orange. To make it look like a 3-D image the designers added shades of black and grey. The black wordmark “Giants” was placed diagonally.
The distinctive feature of all the following logos is that they have a ball and the wordmark “Giants”.
The 1958 symbol ‒ the black “Giants” on a white ball with orange seams. No shades this time.
The 1962 logo ‒ the black “Giants” on an orange ball with orange seams.
The 1973 logo ‒ a change in the color of ball. It became dark orange with black seams.
1983 ‒ some more slight changes to the logo. They were a white ball, black seams and the orange trim to the wordmark scripted in a block-style font.
The logo of 1994 became a little smaller in size. The font changed.
2000 ‒ again a very subtle change is connected with the distance between the letters and some cream shading appears.


Color San Francisco Giants logo
Judging by all the Giants logos their color scheme is rather rich. They have made use of black, brown, blue, red, orange, cream as well as their different shades.