Hickory Crawdads Logo

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Hickory Crawdads Logo
The baseball franchise the Hickory Crawdads plays in the South Atlantic League and has the status of a Class-A team.

Meaning and History logo

Hickory Crawdads Logo history

While the franchise was officially established under the name of “Hickory Crawdads” in 1993, its history can be traced to 1939. The franchise has been a farm team of the Texas Rangers since 2009.

Old symbol

Hickory Crawdads Symbol
From 1993 to 2015, the Hickory Crawdads logo was based on a large black “H” with a crawdad behind. The creature was the team’s official mascot, Conrad the Crawdad.

The 2016 emblem

Hickory Crawdads emblem
While preserving Conrad the Crawdad as the focal point, the updated logo depicts it in a different way. Now, Conrad is holding a baseball in both the claws, and there’s the full name of the team in front of him. The emblem was redesigned by Studio Simon.


Logo Hickory Crawdads
Apart from red and light blue, the palette doesn’t contain any bright colors. Black and white are used as secondary colors.