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Birthed in the heart of Central Asia, Ravon sprang up under the wing of GM Uzbekistan, embodying a collaboration between the American automotive giant General Motors and Uzavtosanoat, Uzbekistan’s own automotive authority. This venture was the progeny of a 1992 union between Daewoo Motors and Uzavtosanoat, which bore the industrial entity Uz-Daewoo Auto Co. on Uzbek soil. Ravon’s raison d’être was to usher in a fleet of contemporary GM models, with an eye for affordability within Uzbekistan and its neighboring markets. Yet, by 2020, Ravon’s journey circled back to its Chevrolet roots, reuniting with the original moniker.

Meaning and history

Ravon, an automotive brand, emerged from a series of corporate developments involving Daewoo and General Motors. The journey began in 1992 when Daewoo and the Uzbek company Uzavtosanoat formed a joint venture, Uz-Daewoo Auto Co., to build cars in Uzbekistan. This partnership saw the production of popular Daewoo models like Nexia, Damas, and Tico.

By 2002, General Motors had acquired a controlling stake in Daewoo Motor, transitioning into GM Daewoo Automotive and Technology. In 2005, Uzavtosanoat bought out Daewoo’s share in their joint venture. This move laid the groundwork for further developments, including the launch of updated models like Nexia-2 and the establishment of a new joint venture, GM Uzbekistan, alongside General Motors.

The Ravon brand officially debuted in 2015 under GM Uzbekistan. It was intended to market new and modern GM vehicles at affordable prices. The brand’s lineup included models like the Ravon R2, Nexia R3, Ravon R4, and Gentra, which were essentially reinventions of Chevrolet models such as the Chevy Spark, Aveo, Cobalt, and Lacetti.

However, in 2020, the Ravon brand was phased out and merged back into the Chevrolet brand. Models previously marketed under Ravon were reintegrated as Chevrolet models, aligning with the global branding and marketing strategies of General Motors.

What is Ravon?
Ravon was a marque of GM Uzbekistan, conceived as a strategic alliance between the storied General Motors and Uzbekistan’s Uzavtosanoat. Launched in 2015, it catered to the cost-conscious segment of the Uzbek and adjacent markets with GM-derived vehicles, until its reintegration with Chevrolet in 2020, concluding its unique chapter in the automotive narrative​​​​​​​​.

1992 – 2020

Ravon logo

A dynamic loop or swift movement inspires the stylized, abstract design of the logo, with the central figure radiating speed and agility, possibly as an emblem of progress and forward momentum. An elliptical shape encases this symbol, hinting at a global scope or wholeness. Dominated by the color blue, the emblem conveys reliability and trust. Bold, capitalized letters spell “RAVON” beneath, underscoring the emblem’s robustness and assertiveness. The logo’s clean, contemporary design aims to project innovation and efficiency actively.

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