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Cartercar was an American automobile company founded by Byron J. Carter in 1905. It introduced a unique friction-drive system that eliminated the need for a clutch. The company operated in Jackson, Michigan, and produced vehicles until 1916. Despite initial success, reliability issues led to its eventual downfall.

Meaning and history

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Cartercar was founded by Byron J. Carter in 1905. It was an American automobile manufacturer based in Michigan. The company was known for its innovative friction-drive transmission system, which eliminated the need for gears. This unique feature attracted attention and led to moderate success in the early years. However, Cartercar faced financial difficulties and changed ownership multiple times. Despite its promising start, the company struggled to compete with larger automakers and eventually ceased production in 1915. Today, Cartercar remains a part of automotive history, known for its pioneering friction-drive technology.

What is Cartercar?
Cartercar was an early 20th-century American automobile manufacturer that operated from 1905 to 1915. They produced cars during a period of rapid development in the automotive industry.