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Daewoo is the name of the automaking company from South Korea, which was founded in the 1930s and by the 1990s has become one of the most famous Asian producers of vehicles. The brand, owned by General Motors since 2001 and specialized in the production of affordable cars along with buses and commercial vehicles, stopped operating in 2011.

Meaning a and history

Daewoo Logo history

Despite its visible simplicity, the Daewoo logo is very meaningful. The South Korean automobile brand took the structure of the Universe as its basis, and it all started with the naming and as the name of the brand in Korean means “The Great Universe”.

The company adopted a stylized image of a seashell as its main symbol, as in the Asian philosophy a seashell represents the beginning and the end of everything.

1967 – 1974

Daewoo Logo 1967

1974 – 1978

Daewoo Logo 1974

1978 – 1994

Daewoo Logo 1978

1994 – 2002

Daewoo Logo 1994

The logo was redesigned in 1994 and gained new shapes and styles. The shell was now horizontally stretched and started resembling a flower, while the wordmark got a modern sans-serif typeface with softened angles of the letters, and the “A” repeating the shape of the triangle with an open contour. This logo looked modest yet progressive and elegant.

2002 – 2016

Daewoo Logo

The resemblance of the shell to a flower increased in 2002 when the middle part of the badge got slightly elongated and rounded. The color palette of the badge was switched to silver and blue, where silver was used for a three-dimensional emblem, and blue was for flat lettering.

The shell looked luxurious and sophisticated in the new palette with a glossy metallic surface, and the additions of a strict geometric sans-serif wordmark made the whole logo balanced.

Font and color

Daewoo Emblem

For the last ten years of its existence, the company decided to change its custom recognizable typeface to something more minimalist and simple and chose a bold straight sans-serif, which is very similar to such fonts as FF Meta Headline Pro Bold, Thrifty Black, and Vista Sans Black.

The silver and blue color palette of the Daewoo logo was a good choice to represent the philosophy of the brand and its legacy. Blue stands for the universe and peace, while silver adds a sense of loyalty, unity, and reliability. The logos in this color palette always look professional and show the right values of the brands.

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