Daewoo Logo

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Daewoo Logo
Daewoo is a South-Korean car manufacturing company, which is focused on the design and production of low-budget vehicles. The brand was founded in 1983 and today is a part of the American GMC.

Meaning a and history

Daewoo Logo history

Daewoo is one of the most successful Asian automobile brands, which is highly popular and recognizable in the region, as well as Russia and European countries.
The brand’s visual identity is unique and strong, it wasn’t even changed with the acquisition of Daewoo by General Motors and the new naming, GM Korea.
The Daewoo logo is composed of a wordmark with an iconic emblem on its top. The traditional Daewoo color palette features blue and silver, the colors that represent a professional approach, trust, and reliability.
The Daewoo wordmark is executed in a simple sans-serif typeface with strong bold lines and sharp angles. It is modest and minimalistic, yet evokes a sense of power and confidence.
The famous Daewoo emblem is a graphical representation of the seashell. It is a very meaningful badge, as the name of the brand, Daewoo, is translated from Korean as “The Great Universe”, and the shell is a symbol of the beginning and the end of the universe in Asian culture.
The Daewoo seashell is silver and three-dimensional, it looks simple and elegant, adding a touch of sophistication and finesse to the brand, making it light at the same time.