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Gleagle, a subsidiary of China’s automaker giant Geely, is a marque that specifically targets the budget-friendly vehicle market. Founded and owned by Li Shufu, Geely launched Gleagle in 2009 to provide affordable cars without sacrificing quality. Geely operates globally but Gleagle’s primary operations concentrate in China, where cost-effective vehicles are in high demand.

Meaning and history

Established in 2009 by Li Shufu under Geely, Gleagle was a dedicated line focused on providing economical car options to the Chinese market. During its active years between 2009-2014, Gleagle introduced models like the Gleagle IG, a concept electric vehicle that turned heads at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show. However, Gleagle was eventually absorbed back into Geely in 2014, and its models were either discontinued or rebranded under other Geely marques.

What is Gleagle?
Gleagle was a marque of the Chinese automaker Geely, active between 2008-2014. It focused on budget-friendly vehicles, predominantly for the Chinese market.

Gleagle Logo