Italia’s Azzurri are about to start new season with new identity

At the beginning of the year, Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (Italian Football Federation) announced a new identity for the Italian National Football Teams, including a logo and even a sound logo. The new symbols will officially be adopted in March.

According to FIGC, the refreshed shield is “an expression of the feelings and the passion of the Italian football fans”. The Azzurri, the national football team, will present it to the wider public in the opening matches of the qualifying round for the 2024 Euro which will be held in Germany.

The redesign also coincides with the fact that the team is going to change its kit provider, switching from Puma, with which the Azzurri have collaborated for 20 years, to Adidas.

The federation conceived the rebranding as “the starting point for a new chapter in the history of the Italian football teams”. Besides, it is to emphasize the fact that they’re aspiring to regain their glory after the bitterness over Italy’s absence at the recent World Cup in Qatar.

More than a year ago, FIGC introduced a different logo for itself, leaving the shield logo for the national teams. Now, the “teams emblem” has received some refreshments which make it feel simpler and clearer. The gold color for the “ITALIA”, bordering, and “scudetto” stars was changed to blue. However, it was saved for the straight FIGC lettering instead the swirling FIGC sign, previously. In addition, the upper and lower edges of the shield were redrawn with smoother and rounder lines.

The badge was reportedly redesigned by Independent Ideas, an Italian “creative boutique” specializing in premium brands. Besides FIGC, the agency worked for such marques as Ferrari, Gucci, Maserati, Unicredit, and Vogue.

The national teams have also received a sound identity, for the first time in their history. It represents a “true musical system” created by Inarea Identity Design, an Italian company with international experience in design and brand identity. Titled “The sound of a nation beating as one”, the concept is intended to transmit, in two notes, all the values of Italian football.