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The symbolism behind the logo of the World Bank is pretty transparent – the globe conveys its role as a global institution.

Meaning and history

The pictorial part of the World Bank logo features a globe in two shades of blue on the white background. The globe is slightly tilted to the right to imitate Earth; you can also see meridians and parallels.

Emblem The World Bank

While many companies use the symbols from their logotypes as a standalone design element, the World Bank Group does not use this approach.

In the primary version of the WBG logo, the name of the bank is placed to the right but there is also a vertically stacked version.


The design combines solid blue (PMS: 289, Hex: #002244) and bright blue (PMS: Process Cyan, Hex: #009FDA), according to the official Branding and Visual Identity Guidelines issued in November 2017.

Logo The World Bank


The type is a clean sans with a classic rectangular structure. According to the document cited above, Andes and Arial are the fonts of the World Bank logo.

Company overview

World Bank logo

The World Bank consists of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (189 member countries), and the International Development Association (173 member countries). It aims at providing loans and grants to the governments of poorer countries. It is based in Washington, D.C.