Italian Football Federation receives new logo

This week, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC – Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio) has rolled out its new logo at a special presentation event in Milan. The old emblem introduced in 2017 will stay in use but not as an official symbol of the union.

The shield logo adopted four years ago has so far served as an insignia for both the federation and national team. Since now, as FIGC declared, the two bodies will use different visual identities. While the previous logo will be reserved for the national teams, the institution will appear in public with a round emblem.


Making this step, the football association aims to meet the challenges of the future in terms of structure and brand identity. This requires some departure from the traditional way. While the national teams are focusing on their performance, FIGC is increasing its activity for social responsibility and youth work, and contributing to the development of institutional and international relationships.

Unlike the previous emblem, the “FIGC” takes more place in the new logo. The acronym is placed between the stripes of the Italian tricolor which, in turn, are embraced by two circles unclosed on the top and bottom. The round design seems to repeat the aesthetics of those old footballs that were made of leather stripes, referring much to the roots of the game.

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