British Equestrian Federation changes its name and logo

Founded in 1972, the British Equestrian Federation is the national organization for equestrian sport in United Kingdom. Recently, BEF has carried out a rebranding by renaming itself to British Equestrian and rolling out a new logo.

According to British Equestrian’s officials, while changing its name, the organization follows the trend among many sports governing bodies that drop such words as Federation, Union or Association from their names as this fits more the spirit of the present time. Under its auspices, the new brand will unify Equestrian Team GBR that brings together UK’s professional horse riders, and Hoof, a body advocating equestrian sport nationwide. Although “British Equestrian” will be the organization’s official name, BEF will also stay in use as an acronym.
A new name implies a new emblem. While BEF’s old logo featured colored lines looking like a horse tail, the new one includes a blue outline of a horse head. With the red lines in the horse’s mane and red-and-blue wordmark, the color palette reminds of the Union flag, hence represents the United Kingdom.
As BEF’s interim CEO Iain Graham said, the refreshment of the organization’s look give a more modern perception to the brand while inviting equestrian sport enthusiasts to collaborate with the federation.
As of today, British Equestrian unites eighteen independent member institutions involved in equestrian vaulting, dressage, reining, endurance, carriage driving and eventing.