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There have been so many Olympics logos so far, and their design has been so diverse that it is hardly possible to find any similarities between them except for the ring symbol.

Meaning and history

Olympics Logo history
The 1896 Summer Olympics logo is one of the earliest modern Olympic emblems. It revolves around the theme of Ancient Greece. The same visual theme was chosen for the emblem of the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris.
1896 Summer Olympics

1912 – 1986

Olympics Logo 1912
The original iconic five rings logo of the Olympic Games was introduced in 1912 and featured thick lines of the five colored elements. The badge looked solid and bright, yet in comparison to the current logo, it was a bit heavier and darker.

1986 – 2010

Olympics Logo 1986
The redesign of 1986 refined the contours of the rings and added some thin white lines to the place of their intertwining. The colors were also refined and made more delightful. This logo definitely looked more professional and stylish than the original version.

2010 – Today

Olympics logo

The 2020 symbol Olympics

symbol Olympics

The symbol for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games was created by Japanese graphic designer Kenjiro Sano. One of its characteristic features is a red circle. It is supposed to remind the circle from the Japanese flag. There are also blocks of grey and gold in the shape of the letter “T”.

The rings emblem Olympics

emblem Olympics

The history of the Olympic rings dates back to 1912. The author of the design is Baron Pierre de Coubertin, one of the founders of the current version of the Olympic Games. There were five rings altogether, each representing one continent. The color scheme of the rings included the colors of each country taking part in the Olympics back then. Today, the International Olympic Committee claims that this emblem emphasizes that every country is welcome to join.


Font Olympics Logo

The current version of the Olympics logo utilizes a simple serif typeface, all the letters are capitals.


Color Olympics Logo

The palette includes red, yellow, black, grey, blue, green, and white for the background.