One of the oldest and most popular pornographic websites in the world, XNXX has a distinctive logo. Interestingly enough, it contains not just the name of the project but also the full address of the website.

Meaning and history


As of late 2018, XNXX was on the 13th line of the top websites ranking provided by Similarweb (for all categories) and on the third place of the ranking in the Adult category. In the summer of 2018, it was ranked the 8th most visited website in the word in the same ranking. However, according to Alexa, it was only on the 76th line of the ranking. The project was launched in 1997. While the headquarters are located in Paris, France, the company has its servers and offices in Montreal, Tokyo, and Newark.

What is Xnxx?
Xnxx is the name of a pornography website, which was established in the middle of the 1010s, and by today has become one of the top10 online destinations for those, who are looking for adult video content. The website is available in several languages and has a wide range of video categories in its catalog.


XNXX symbol

The XNXX logo is actually the address of the website. The letters are given in several shades of light blue complemented with white. The darkest shade is the one used for the outline. While there’re no pictorial elements as such, the gradient inside the letters forms a pattern resembling an ocean wave. Due to the pattern, all the three letters “X” look different from one another.

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On the website itself, the emblem is placed over the dark blue background.

Favicon emblem

Favicon emblem XNXX

In addition to the primary logo, the website also has a small icon displayed in the circumstances when the regular symbol is too large. It’s a dark blue box housing a large letter “X” in a lighter shade of blue. Apart from the color scheme, it looks very much like the icon of another adult website, XVideos.

XNXX emblem



The XNXX logo apparently sports a customized typeface. While it’s quite legible and classic, it also has something unique about it. The “C” looks rather distinctive due to the unusual curve, while the diagonal bars of the “M” and “N” form a visual “rhyme.”



The palette features various shades of blue, from the darkest to lightest hues. There’s also some white. On the whole, the color scheme is inverted: the letters are lighter than the background. The choice seems pretty reasonable as the white background may be too bright to be displayed late at night: it lights up the room in the dark.