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The team traces its origins to 1980. They started competing in Glens Falls, New York, as the Glens Falls White Sox. They relocated to London, Ontario, in 1989, and then moved to Trenton, New Jersey, in 1994.

Meaning and history

Trenton Thunder Logo history

Since 2003 when the Trenton Thunder became a Double-A affiliate of the New York Yankees, the team has changed its logo only once.

1994 — 2001

Trenton Thunder Logo 1994
The very first logo for the Trenton Thunder club was introduced in 1994 and stayed with the team for seven years. It was a dark and ornate black and blue badge with the stylized smooth and enlarged black letter “T” as the background. On the letter, there was an image of a mythological bird with two heads. The creature was drawn in electric blue color with thin yellow accents. No additional lettering or framing was on the badge.

2002 — 2007

Trenton Thunder Logo 2002The character featured on the Trenton Thunder logo unveiled in 2003 was probably Zeus, the thunder god of ancient Greek religion. At least, he was dressed like an ancient warrior and was holding a lightning bolt in his hand.

2008 — Today

Trenton Thunder logo

The designers of the next version got rid of Zeus. Instead, they introduced an anthropomorphized blue cloud clenching a yellow lightning bolt like a baseball bat. The lettering “Trenton Thunder” was placed on the forefront.


Trenton Thunder Logo baseball

The Trenton Thunder logo doesn’t seem to be visually aligned with that of its parent team, the New York Yankees, neither in its structural elements, nor in its colors. Both the palettes feature navy blue, yet it’s apparently not the same shade. In addition to dark blue, the emblem of the Trenton Thunder also includes gold elements, white, light blue, and silver details.

What is Trenton Thunder?
Trenton Thunder is the name of the baseball club from New Jersey, which was established in 1980. Today the club competes in the Minor League Baseball, it’s a Draft subdivision, with other collegiate teams. The team is managed by Jeff Manto.

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