Geometry A Logo

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The electric car, which was called Geely GE11 during the development stage, was unveiled at a special event in April 2019. It turned out that Geely Auto-created, not just another electric car, but also another brand — Geometry. The sedan was named Geometry A.

The visual identity of the new Geely label is fully based on the corporate logo of the Chinese corporation, though has some modifications, which perfectly reflect the character and essence of the innovative brand.

The Geometry logo boasts a combination of the redrawn iconic Geely emblem set above the strict yet sleek lettering, which is usually written in Latin letters, but sometimes is accompanied by the line in Chinese. The inscription is set in the uppercase of a custom sans-serif typeface and uses a dark gray shade for its lines.

Geometry A Logo

As for the emblem, the brand adopted the iconic extended Geely badge but made it minimalist and contemporary. It is a silver plate with six segments in two shades of gray, placed in a chess order, and having light silver frags bulging, while the dark ones are flat.

Though the color palette and lines of the logo are very simple and not bright, the Geometry A badge still looks strong and stylish, showing the progressive approach of the brand and its futuristic character.