Charleston RiverDogs Logo

Charleston RiverDogs Logo

Since 1994, when the Minor League Baseball team Charleston RiverDogs adopted its current name, its logo has been modified two times.

Meaning and history

Charleston RiverDogs Logo history

While baseball came to Charleston in 1886, the history of the RiverDogs franchise officially started only in 1980. Initially, the team played under the name of the Charleston Royals.

Old symbols

Charleston RiverDogs symbol

The two modifications the Charleston RiverDogs logo has gone through since 1994 haven’t touched its basic structure – it has remained virtually unchanged. Both the 1994 and the 2010 versions featured a dog biting a baseball bat. The creature was placed inside a large blue “C”. The two emblems slightly varied by the color palette.

The 2016 emblem

Charleston RiverDogs emblem

While the dog itself was left almost intact, the rest of the logo grew more elaborate and refined, with two new scripts introduced for the wordmark.


Charleston RiverDogs logo

The emblem features navy blue, orange, white, gray, and brown.