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The Piratas de Campeche is a Minor League Baseball franchise competing in the Mexican League. The word “Pirates” from the name of the team inspired their logo.

Meaning and history

Campeche Piratas (Piratas de Campeche) Logo history

Campeche Piratas was founded in 1980 by a group of local baseball enthusiasts. Their goal was to bring high-level professional baseball to the city of Campeche and to cultivate local talent. From their inception, the team has been dedicated to excellence both on and off the field.

One of the Piratas’ most significant achievements came in 1983 when they won their first Mexican Baseball League championship. This victory established them as a formidable force in the league. Over the years, they have nurtured numerous players who have gone on to achieve great success both domestically and internationally. The team’s development programs have been particularly noteworthy, focusing on young talent and providing them with the resources and coaching necessary to succeed at the highest levels of the sport.

In addition to their on-field successes, Campeche Piratas have been active in community engagement. They have launched various initiatives aimed at promoting sports and healthy lifestyles among the youth in Campeche. These programs have not only helped to raise the profile of baseball in the region but also contributed positively to the community.

As of today, Campeche Piratas continues to be a strong contender in the Mexican Baseball League. They are known for their strategic gameplay and the ability to develop young talent into professional athletes. The team remains committed to its founding principles of excellence, community engagement, and the development of the sport of baseball in Campeche. With a loyal fan base and a dedicated management team, the future looks promising for the Campeche Piratas.

What is Campeche Piratas?
Campeche Piratas is a professional baseball team from Campeche, Mexico. They compete in the Mexican Baseball League and play their home games at Estadio Nelson Barrera Romellón. Founded in 1980, they are known for their competitive spirit and community involvement.

The Logo

Campeche Piratas logo

The Piratas de Campeche logo is vibrant and playful, embodying the spirit and energy of the baseball team it represents. At the center of the design is a stylized baseball with an aggressive, determined expression. The baseball is adorned with a red bandana featuring black polka dots, tied in a pirate style, which immediately conveys the pirate theme. This bandana gives the baseball a bold and mischievous personality, making it memorable and unique.

Behind the baseball, two crossed bats are depicted in a rough, brushstroke style, adding a dynamic and energetic feel to the logo. These bats, colored in navy blue, reinforce the baseball theme and provide a sense of movement and action. The rough, splattered edges of the bats suggest intensity and a fearless attitude, characteristics that align well with the pirate motif.

Below the central image, the team name “Piratas” is displayed in large, bold, navy blue letters with a white outline and a red shadow, giving the text a three-dimensional effect. The font is blocky and robust, exuding strength and confidence. Just beneath this, “de Campeche” is written in a more cursive, red font, adding a touch of elegance and a personal touch, acknowledging the team’s hometown.

Additionally, the logo features two small stars on the right side, outlined in red with a navy blue fill, further embellishing the design and adding to its playful nature. The stars can symbolize excellence and aspiration, qualities that are desirable in a sports team.

Overall, the Piratas de Campeche logo combines elements of fun, aggression, and local pride. The use of bold colors—navy blue, red, and white—creates a striking contrast and ensures the logo stands out. The integration of the pirate theme with the baseball elements results in a distinctive and engaging visual identity, perfectly capturing the essence of the team.

Primary symbol

Campeche Piratas (Piratas de Campeche) symbol

The Piratas de Campeche logo attracts attention with its unusual visual metaphor. It’s possible that you won’t be able to determine from the first glance what it is. A pirate’s face merges seamlessly into a baseball creating a link between the name of the team and the game it plays.


Campeche Piratas (Piratas de Campeche) emblem

The choice of blue, the main “ocean” color, seems natural for a team whose name means “Campeche Pirates.” Also, the Campeche Piratas logo comprises red and white.