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The Short-Season A affiliate of the New York Mets, the Brooklyn Cyclones have an independent brand identity that doesn’t coincide with that of their parent’s team neither in the color palette nor in shape.

Meaning and history

Brooklyn Cyclones Logo history

The Brooklyn Cyclones were established in 1986 and have been part of the New York–Penn League ever since.

Brooklyn Cyclones logo

Primary symbol

Brooklyn Cyclones symbol

The Brooklyn Cyclones logo depicts a cross-hatch pattern of the structure that forms a roller coaster. Also, you can see a baseball going down the roller coaster. The logo was developed by designer Todd Radom.

Cap emblem

Brooklyn Cyclones emblem

The large “B” on the cap insignia was inspired by the original Dodgers’ B cap, while the “C” stands for “Cyclones.”


Brooklyn Cyclones Logo baseball

While the combination of the blue and orange was inspired by the parent team’s logo, in fact, the shades are different from those used by the New-York Mets.