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The Billing Mustangs affiliation with the Cincinnati Reds is considered the longest among all the teams playing on the Rookie level. And yet, the parent team’s influence on the Billing Mustangs brand identity has been comparatively small.

Meaning and history

Billings Mustangs Logo history

The Billings Mustangs played their first official game in the fall of 1947. The baseball franchise is based in Billings, Montana.

Billings Mustangs logo

Primary symbol

Billings Mustangs symbol

The fact that a prancing horse is the focal point of the Billings Mustangs logo seems absolutely natural, taking into consideration the name of the team. The mustang placed over a baseball is encircled by the lettering “Billing Mustangs” in white against the red background.

Cap emblem

Billings Mustangs emblem

Two horseshoes in brown and black are placed over the red background. The team also has an alternative logo depicting the head of a horse.