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Meaning and history

Pioneer baseball League Logo history

1990 – 2021

Pioneer baseball League Logo 1990

The logo of the Pioneer League plays with colors to create a somewhat unusual effect: part of the emblem can be clearly seen at first glance, while there’re also elements visible only if you take a closer look.

On the forefront of the Pioneer League logo, there’s a bison grazing and the lettering “Pioneer Baseball League Since 1939” in blue block capitals. You can also notice an outline of a cow skull and baseball, which are given in semitransparent colors. On the background, there’s a baseball bat. The logo has been in use since at least 1990.

2021 – Today

Pioneer baseball League logo

The 2021 logo has ‘Pioneer’ written in dark blue letters with an old-fashioned style that resembles wrought iron. They curved this writing a bit. Right below, there was a new emblem that depicted a letter ‘P’ inside a blue round frame. Below, ‘baseball league’ was written in more mundane sans-serif letters without a curvature. The year 1939 was cut in two parts and placed on the text’s both sides.


Pioneer baseball League emblem