Northwest Arkansas Naturals Logo

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Northwest Arkansas Naturals Logo
The highlight of the Northwest Arkansas Naturals logo is arguably the highly distinctive “N” with its diagonal bar replaced by a lightning bolt.

Meaning and History logo

Northwest Arkansas Naturals Logo history

Part of the Texas League, minor league baseball team the Northwest Arkansas Naturals is the Double-A affiliate of the major league’s the Kansas City Royals. They adopted their current name after moving from Wichita, Kansas, not long before the 2008/09 playing season.
The name of the team was inspired by the reputation of Arkansas as the “Natural State,” as well as the 1984 movie The Natural.

Primary symbol

Northwest Arkansas Naturals symbol
The main emblem, which was developed in 2008, sports a waterfall going down from a blue mountain. There’s a baseball with red seams flying by. The lettering “Naturals” can be seen on the forefront. The “N” looks unusual as its diagonal bar is formed by a lightning bolt.

Cap emblem

Northwest Arkansas Naturals Emblem
The cap logos are built around the “N,” which is given on a variety of backgrounds.


Northwest Arkansas Naturals Logo baseball
While the Northwest Arkansas Naturals logo isn’t visually aligned with that of its parent’s team in terms of its structure, there’re some similarities in the palette: both use gold and blue. However, the shades are pretty different, so this fact seems more of a mere coincidence than an attempt to bring the teams’ brand identities closer to each other.