Cincinnati Reds Logo

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Cincinnati Reds Logo
The Cincinnati Reds have existed since 1882 so this professional baseball team from Cincinnati (Ohio) has had a long history over which their logo has undergone numerous changes.

Meaning and History logo

Cincinnati Reds Logo history

Before the Cincinnati Reds started playing with their classic “C” logo, they had had 12 different logos in a wishbone shape. All in all they have 20 logos in their collection.

Old Emblems

Cincinnati Reds Emblems
The Cincinnati Reds logo history started in 1880, though the club was established only in 1882, and it was called the Cincinnati Red Stockings at that time. The emblem was just one letter. It was an old way of writing of the English letter “C”. Its color was red and it reflected the name of the team.
In 1900 the Reds modified their emblem. Now the letter “C” was in a block format. The red color was preserved.
Just in a year the letter “C” became round and a little thicker.
Four years later a new font for “C” was used. It looks like Bruce Double Pica. The letter itself became much thinner.
The following version of the letter “C” accepted in 1906 resembles the same typeface.
In 1908 the fans saw one more variation of Bruce Double Pica as the Reds’ logo which existed till 1911.
Well, do not be surprised but the logo that appeared in 1912 again looked like Bruce Double Pica typeface.
The symbol of 1913 looks very much like the present logo. “C” acquired the shape of a wishbone and for the first time a wordmark appeared on the Cincinnati Reds logo ‒ “REDS”, which was put inside it.
Then there were four more versions that did not differ much, except the thickness of the letter “C”. In 1920 the letter “C” got a black trim. In 1939 the trim changed its color into white and it had a black outline.
In the 1950s the team was renamed into the Cincinnati Redlegs, and the logo of that period was something very different ‒ a running mustached player with a bat.
In 1968 the wishbone “C” returned with a running player and a wordmark “CINCINNATI REDS” on the letter.
In the 1990s they decided to get rid of the player. First the letter “C” was white and had a red trim. Again the word “REDS” was inside. Then a black trim was added to all the letters and the logo got a 3-D look.

New Symbol

Cincinnati Reds Symbol
In 2017 the team uses the logo introduced in 2013. It looks like its predecessor but the shade of red is a bit different.


Color Cincinnati Reds logo
Little can be said about the Reds’ official colors, only that they are red, white and black.