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Zeekr is the name of a new car marque, launched by the reputable Asian automaking Corporation, Geely, at the end of March 2021.

Geely Automobile Holdings commenced a unique premium electric-car brand to invade a luxury electric car segment of the world’s automobile market, which is still dominated by Tesla and such Chinese companies as Lynk and Xpeng. The new car marque is called Zeekr and will be encouraged by the main company Zhejiang Geely Holding Group.

The first Zeekr cars are expected to be delivered to customers in the third quarter of 2021.

Meaning and history

Zeekr logo
Zeekr is a young Chinese automaker, established by the large Geely Corporation in 2021, with the idea to create a strong competitor to Tesla Motors. Zeekr is all about electric vehicles. The company uses next-generation innovations in developing its vehicles. For today Zeekr has only two models in its portfolio, but the plans of the company are truly impressive. Zeekr has a program of development, according to which, by 2025 the brand will become the world’s leader in the production of electric cars.

What is Zeekr?
Zeekr is the name of one of the Geely car marques, which was established in 2021 with the idea of production of electric vehicles. Today the brand has two models in its portfolio, Zeekr 001, and Zeekr 009.

The Zeekr badge is one we all already know — the “jewel” Geely crest, extended horizontally and enclosed into a thick three-dimensional silver frame. The inner part of the emblem is divided into six fragments, executed in gradient blue and graphite gray shades and separated by the thin silver lines, also three-dimensional.

As for the next part of the logo, it is set in two levels, with the upper one featuring the name of the brand in Chinese (hieroglyphics are enlarged), and the bottom line with the “Geely Auto” in dark gray uppercase letters, written in a fancy and modern sans-serif typeface with smooth lines and softened angles, though straight and distinct cuts of the line end.

Geely Auto is preparing to introduce a new brand, Zeekr, which will specialize in technologies and developments in the field of electric vehicles. So the visual identity of the innovative automotive brand is based on the iconic Geely badge, just a bit refined and extended.

The pre-launch Zeekr logo boasted a traditional combination of the Geely emblem, the “jewel” crest, extended horizontally and enclosed into a thick three-dimensional silver frame, placed above the lettering.

Though the logo was redesigned and something completely new and contemporary was created. The Zeekr badge, which will be placed on the bonnet of every state-of-art car, which will be produced under the new brand, is composed of two mirrored elements executed in a gradient gray color palette.


Two figures, looking like stylized letters “E”, which stand for “Eco” and “Electric”, can be drawn in gray and placed on a white background, or executed in white and set on a gradient gray hexagon. The letters are set one above another, glued in the corner.

The visual identity of the progressive Chinese automaking brand looks minimalist and calm, though the bold lines and sophisticated color palette reflect the strong and stable character and futuristic approach of the new marque.

Font and Color

The progressive and stylish uppercase lettering from the primary Zeekr badge is set in a modern sans-serif typeface with straight cuts of the lines and sharp angles of the bars. The closest fonts to the one, used in the Zeekr insignia, are, probably, Geogrotesque Expanded Medium, or FM Bolyar Sans Pro 500, but with the contours of most characters modified and sharpened.

As for the color palette of the Zeekr visual identity, it is monochrome, with flat black lines against a white background. The timeless and powerful combination looks expensive and stylish anywhere and anytime.

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