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Corvette is probably the world’s most famous sport-car models, designed by Chevrolet. The first Corvette was produced in 1953 and since then became extremely popular in America and then, worldwide.

Meaning and history

Corvette Logo history

The brand Corvette was named after a small ship and is also knows across the globe as Vette. The first convertible model was performed in 1953 and in ten years Chevrolet designed the second generation of its sport-car.

The Corvette logo was created in 1953 and the main idea never changed, it was only modified and modernized during the brand’s history.

1953 – 1955

Corvette Logo 1953

The first Corvette logo was designed in 1953 by Robert Bartholomew and stayed with the band for nine years. It was composed of a round emblem with a white background and two crossed flags. One of the flags features a checkered monochrome racing pattern, while the second was colored red with a picture of fleur-de-lis and three horizontal lines. The iconic French Emblem was a celebration of the company’s heritage.

The wordmark of the original logo was composed of two parts — the big and bold “Chevrolet”, placed on the top of the emblem and an elegant “Corvette” in cursive, place at the bottom part.

1962 – 1967

Corvette Logo 1962

The logo redesign of 1962 featured enlarged flags and removed wordmark. The letter “V” was added to the Corvette visual identity in order to celebrate the car’s V-8 engine.

1965 – 1967

Corvette Logo 1965

In 1965 the brand started using a simplified emblem — just two crossed flags.

1967 – 1973

Corvette Logo 1967

In 1967 the flags were modified by flattening and becoming more geometric. The logo now looks stronger and more confident.

1973 – 1977

Corvette Logo 1973

In 1973 the brand returns to the circular emblem with a new wordmark in silver color. The nameplate “Chevrolet Motor Division Corvette” was placed around the emblem’s perimeter. However, in two years the only lettering left on the logo was “Corvette”, placed beyond the flags.

1977 – 1984

Corvette Logo 1977

In 1977 Corvette removes the circle and three years later, in 1980, the flags are modified, now they are composed of longer and thinner lines.

1984 – 1996

Corvette Logo 1984

The completely different design approach was born in 1984. The Corvette logo was redesigned and now featured a circle with a long thick rectangular crossing it. The rectangular consisted of two parts. The left part was still a checkered flag, while the right part was composed of a Chevrolet symbol on a solid background.

1997 – 2004

Corvette Logo 1997

In 1997 the brand introduces the new model of the iconic car, C5 Corvette. The logo was redesigned again and came back to the traditional emblem, the flags switched their sides and now the red flag was on the right and the monochrome — on the left.

2004 – 2014


Corvette Logo 2004

The Corvette logo from 2004 featured shortened lines and a more compact design. Now it looks neater and more laconic, the circle is removed again. The red flag was executed in two different shades, which added volume and dynamics to the emblem.

2014 – 2020

Corvette Logo 2014

The Corvette logo from 2014 features futuristic bold forms and lines of the flags. There is no circle outline and the emblem gains a triangular shape. The logo looks sleek and modern. The outline of the flags is made in thick silver lines.

2020 – Today

Corvette logo

New Corvette logo is designed for the C8 Corvette and features the same two crossed flags, composing the letter “V” but in stronger and sharper lines. It looks powerful and energetic. The fleur-de-lis symbol is also slightly modernized.