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Lynk & Co is a premium sub-brand of Geely and Volvo, established in 2016, specializing in the production of luxury electric cars. The brand is fully focused on the new generation of drivers and is known to be the number one automaker with complete internet connectivity.

Meaning and history

Lynk & Co is a collaborative brand between two international giants in the automaking segment: the Chinese Geely and the Swedish Volvo. The production of the Lynk & Co vehicles started in 2016 in China, and the company entered the European market already in 2020.

Lynk&Co is a very innovative company, which is focused on a young and progressive audience, people from all over the globe, who value technologies and comfort. The name of the company fully reflects the philosophy and ideas behind it: “Lynk,” here is a vivid version of the link, and reflects the core value of our time — connection, while “Co” is, of course, for “Cooperation.”

Lynk & Co is the record holder for car sales in China. In the first three minutes of taking pre-orders for the 01 crossovers, six thousand applications were received. Another interesting thing about the sales of the Lynk & Co vehicles is that they all can be bought via the website.

What is Lynk & Co?
Lynk & Co is a progressive automaking brand of electric vehicles, created as a collaboration between the Chinese Geely and the Swedish Volvo. The company was established in 2016, and by today is considered one of the market leaders in its region.

In terms of visual identity, the progressive young brand of electric cars looks super stylish and minimalistic, using plain black lines and unfinished contours of the glyphs as the main elements of the badge. The logo of the company brilliantly reflects the mood and the approach of the manufacturer, also pointing to the audience of Lynk & Co.

2016 – Today

Lynk & Co Logo

The Lynk & Co logo is unique and instantly recognizable due to a fresh and cool idea of the designers: all letters except for “L”, “N”, and “C” have their contours unfinished. The silhouettes of the glyphs create a geometric pattern with clean lines and straight angles, which looks edgy, sleek, and stylish.

Executed in a black-and-white color palette, the Lynk & Co logo is a brilliant representation of the brand’s ideas and values. It is also a pretty confident statement, which shows the innovative company as a future power, and represents its intentions to stay on the market for decades.

Font and color

Lynk & Co Emblem

The badge of Lynk & Co, a multinational manufacturer of electric cars, is composed of stylized uppercase lettering executed in a modified sans-serif typeface with clean contours and straight lines of the unfinished characters. The bars of the glyphs have straight cuts and angles, making up unique distinctive contours. Although the logotype of the brand is executed in a custom typeface, it is based on one of the bold geometric sans-serif fonts, such as Boldini Gradient, or Rexton Medium.

As for the color palette of the Lynk & Co visual identity, it is also super minimalistic — plain black lines against a white background, a symbol of timelessness, style, and excellence. The badge in this palette can look actual and chic in any surroundings.