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Norton is a British brand of motorcycles manufacturer, which was created in 1898. One of the oldest in Europe, the brand is highly recognizable and respected across the globe.

Meaning and history

Norton Logo history

Before 2010

Norton Logo-old
Not that there is much difference between the initial Norton badge and the one we all can see today. It was the same style, same color palette, and same mood, just a few small elements varied. First of all, the letters on the first logo were heavier and simpler. Both letters “O” had their negative space set diagonally. The lines of the “T” were straighter and more angular, and the “horn” on the “N” — shorter and wider.

2010 – Today

Norton Logo-2010

Norton is a very constant brand in terms of visual identity designs. Its logo was created in 1913 and was only slightly refined during the company’s history.

The Norton logo is composed of a wordmark executed in a custom typeface in a hand-written style. The smooth and elegant curves of the Norton inscription are accompanied by a long tail of the letter “N”, which covers all the nameplate and finishes near the left bottom point of the last Norton’s “n”. The rounded line also crosses the “t”, which is the most constant element of the whole logo.

The logo is simple and sophisticated, a true representative of the brand’s history and legacy. It is performing a retro style in modern culture. The monochrome color palette makes it look confident and powerful.

Norton Logo

The Norton logo was created by the founder’s daughter during the family meal, and until today it is an essential part of the brand.