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Xiaomi SU7 LogoXiaomi SU7 Logo

SU7 is Xiaomi’s debut project in the automotive industry and is amazing in terms of features and capabilities. The car features Xiaomi’s proprietary EV Modena architecture that provides easy battery integration, enhanced durability, and a spacious interior.

Meaning and history

Xiaomi announced its plans to produce electric cars in March 2021. At that time, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun announced that the company would invest $1.4 billion in its car manufacturing business.

At the end of 2023, the Chinese corporation Xiaomi introduced its first electric car — an SU7 sedan. “SU” in the name of the auto is an abbreviation for “Speed Ultra”. The car is almost comparable to the Tesla Model S in size: length – 4997 mm, width – 1963 mm, height – 1455 mm (in the base version). The wheelbase is 3000 mm. Over aerodynamics worked very well: the coefficient of Cd is only 0.195. The sedan has a main rear trunk with a volume of 517 liters and an additional compartment for 105 liters.

Xiaomi SU7 has a battery capacity of 101 kilowatt-hours and a range of up to 800 kilometers. Corporation specialists said that EV Modena, the platform, on which the SU7 is built, can be equipped with a battery of 150 kilowatt-hours – in this case, the range of the electric car will be up to 1,100 kilometers. In addition, the car supports fast charging. The car is equipped with radars and sensors for autonomous driving, a projection display for the driver, and a 16-inch infotainment screen for passengers.

Also, the production of Xiaomi’s electric car utilizes the fancy GigaPress technology that Tesla was the first to introduce. This has reduced the weight per part by 17% while reducing the cost of production by 40%.

Xiaomi SU7 is not only fast and beautiful but also safe and innovative. The car has several systems that provide protection and comfort for the driver and passengers. For example, the Xiaomi SU7 has an automatic emergency braking system, lane change warning system, blind spot monitoring system, adaptive cruise control system, parking system with 360-degree cameras, and others. In addition, Xiaomi SU7 has a facial recognition system that not only opens the doors but also adapts the car’s settings to the specific driver. Also, Xiaomi SU7 has a wireless charging system for smartphones and other devices, a cabin air purification system, a seat massage system, and others.

The official sales of the Xiaomi SU7 car started on March 27, 2024. During the first months, the car will be available for pre-order only in 59 Xiaomi stores in 29 cities in China.

What is Xiaomi SU7?
Xiaomi SU7 is the name of the first electric car of the famous Chinese corporation, introduced in 2023. SU7 combines high speed, high range, innovative technology, and stylish design. The car is based on the EV Modena platform, has a powerful HyperEngine electric motor, supports fast charging, and is tightly integrated with smartphones and other Xiaomi devices.

In terms of visual identity, Xiaomi SU7 fully repeats the corporate design concept. However, it’s interesting, that from the date of the SU7 presentation to the start of the sales, the logo on the trunk lid has already been significantly reduced.

2023 – Today

Xiaomi SU7 Logo

The Xiaomi SU7 logo is composed of two parts — the logotype, placed on the trunk of a car, and the emblem on the bonnet. The lettering is set in the corporate Xiaomi typeface, using lowercase characters. The emblem also repeats the company’s badge but is set in silver, with the stylized letters “MI” engraved on a metallic crest with softened angles.

Font and color

Xiaomi SU7 Emblem

The lowercase lettering from the Xiaomi SU7 auto logo is set in the corporate sans-serif typeface with futuristic shapes of the characters. The closest commercial fonts to the one used in this insignia are, probably, Ample or Automata, but with some visible modifications.

As for the color palette of the Xiaomi SU7 visual identity, it is based on matte silver when placed on the trunk and the bonnet of the new sedan. It looks very stylish and elegant.

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