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Austin is the name of a former automaking brand, which was established in the United Kingdom in 1905 and ceased all operation in 1952. The company was famous not only for their elegant sedans but also for commercial vehicles and even aircraft, built during World War I.

Meaning and history

Austin Logo history

Austin existed in its original state for 47 years, and merged with Morris Motors in 1952, forming BMC company, which stayed alive until 1967. BMC turned into British Leyland, which was acquired by the world’s famous River Group in 1988. So it was a pretty intense history for a car brand, though it is important, that Austin kept its identity even in the BMC era when some of the brand’s models were still in production.

The iconic Austin logo has never been changed since the day of its creation, at the beginning of the 20th century. It was an elegant and memorable badge, composed of a graphical part, set above the italicized lettering in extra-thick lines.

The emblem featured a girl-like image with enlarged triangular wings, executed with lots of details, and a ring above it. It looked pretty much like an aviation badge, which was logical if to remember that the company was producing aircraft during World War I.

The wordmark in a bold Italic font with massive square serifs looked a bit clumsy and heavy under an elegant badge, though the two parts were not always used together. The badge was usually placed on the car bonnet, executed in glossy metal and looking elegant and fine, while the logotype was more for official papers and documents.

Both the emblem and the logotype evoke a sense of speed and movement. Emblem — by its wings and flight spirit, and the inscription by its slanted letters, as inclination always reminds of motion.

1905 – 19??

Austin Logo 1905

19?? – 1952

Austin Logo 1952

1952 – 1959


1959 – 1962

Austin Logo 1959

1962 – 1987

Austin Logo

Font and color

Logo Austin


The massive yet elegant logotype of the British automaking brand was written in all capitals of a bold serif typeface with extra-thick lines and large square serifs on their ends. The type of the Austin visual identity is very similar to such fonts as Karnak Pro Black Italic, Rockwell Nova Extra Bold Italic, and Stanford Serial Heavy Italic, with only some small details modified.

The color palette of the Austin visual identity is very traditional for the automobile industry — silver metallic for the badge, and monochrome for the printable version of the logo. Silver is the best choice for car brands, as it looks stylish and elegant with any color of the car, evoking a sense of balanced beauty and confidence.

As for the monochrome palette used for the logotype and the graphical part of the brand’s identity, it showed the company’s professionalism and expertise, making their customers sure of the high-quality of Austin cars.

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