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Caresto is a renowned automotive company owned by Leif Tufvesson. It specializes in custom car design and manufacturing, pushing the boundaries of creativity and engineering. Based in Sweden, Caresto operates on a global scale, captivating car enthusiasts with its innovative and unique creations.

Meaning and history

Caresto Logo

Caresto is a Swedish automotive company founded by Leif Tufvesson in 2005. This renowned company has garnered significant recognition for its exceptional automotive design and engineering achievements. With a focus on customization and restoration, Caresto has successfully transformed various vehicles into unique, high-performance masterpieces. They have collaborated with prominent car manufacturers, including Volvo and General Motors, to create groundbreaking concept cars. Caresto’s most notable achievements include the creation of the award-winning “Hot Rod Jakob” and “Volvo T6 Racer.” These exceptional vehicles have captivated the automotive industry with their innovative designs and outstanding performance. Today, Caresto continues to thrive as a leader in automotive customization and restoration, catering to passionate car enthusiasts around the world.

What is Caresto?
Caresto is an automotive company specializing in custom car design and engineering. They create unique and high-performance vehicles, combining innovation, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology.

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