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With more than 10 million users, xHamster is known as one of the most popular websites on the Internet. It was established in 2007 and used the same logo for almost a decade. The xHamster logo update, which took place in 2016, resulted in a simpler, yet more emotionally charged look. The logo uses an animal, similar to the Playboy and Puma logos.

Meaning and history

xHamster logo history

Quite a few people have been wondering why a website would have chosen a hamster for a mascot. According to a company representative, there were several reasons for this.

To begin with, they were looking for an animal that would be “funny, friendly, and catchy.” As a result of some preliminary work, they chose three animals: a mole, a fox, and a frog. The fox mascot seemed to have a fair chance of success due to the clear association with the word “foxy.” And yet, eventually, the team opted for a hamster.

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For one, this option didn’t seem as obvious as a fox. According to the company spokesperson, these animals are “hilarious and adorable,” “cute, fluffy.” He also mentioned such characteristics of hamsters as their passion for collecting and sexual energy. To end up, they are the creatures that are exceptionally pleasant to touch.

2007 – 2016

Old symbol xHamster

The original xHamster logo, like the current one, consisted of two elements: a hamster’s muzzle (on the left) and the name of the website (on the right). The muzzle featured several shades of yellow and brown, as well as white and black nuances. The first letter of the wordmark was red, while all the other letters were black.

2016 – now

emblem xHamster

The most obvious thing is that the palette has become by far simpler – nothing but black, white, and red has been left. The muzzle and its expression have been modified, too. While the teeth used to be rather prominent on the original logo, they stand out even more on the updated one. The eyes and corners of the mouth are drawn in a way that the creature appears to be smiling. On the whole, the current hamster has a tricky face. In comparison with it, the muzzle of the previous hamster had a rather blank expression.

What about the typographic part of the logo? The wordmark has become much better legible. For one, all the letters have been capitalized. Also, the type itself has grown simpler.

According to Alexander Hawkins, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, the new logo is “simple but sexy.” He doesn’t cite any other reasons for the update than just the desire “to become even better.”


xHamster logo

The original type appears a bit friendlier due to its plump and rounded glyphs. The current one looks more angular in its shape and neutral from the emotional point of view. It doesn’t seem as inviting as its predecessor. One of the reasons for the update could have been that the design team was trying to make the wordmark better legible. Also, it’s possible that the angular shapes better fit modern beauty standards.


While the original palette was rather realistic, the current xHamster logo provides better contrast. When the hamster is given in black and white, it looks more like a logo than just a drawing. The company’s design team, however, didn’t dare to change the color scheme completely, so they left the red “X” as it was to create a visual link between the old and new logos.