Kaiser Permanente Logo

Kaiser Permanente Logo
The core symbolic message behind the Kaiser Permanente logo can be interpreted as “serving the community,” or “bringing hope and new life.”

Meaning and history

Kaiser Permanente Logo history

The history of Kaiser Permanente started in 1945. The California-based integrated managed care consortium comprises three groups of organizations, including the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, a group of hospitals, and regional medical groups working under the same brand.
Kaiser Permanente is among America’s largest not-for-profit health plans with over 12 million health plan members (early 2019).

Old symbol

Kaiser Permanente old symbol
You can come across a green version of the logo featuring a different emblem. Here, the logo is based on a large letter “K.” While the letter is very bold, there’re several thin white lines due to which it doesn’t look heavy. On the forefront, there’s a stylized depiction of a human figure holding her hands up.
The name of the organization can be seen next to it. It’s given in a different font than on the current logo, but the distinctive “merged” letters can be clearly seen there. So, while the current version of the emblem features a different type, it still stays consistent in the way the letters appear to be linked with one another.

Current emblem

Kaiser Permanente emblem
The centerpiece of the logo is a group of three human figures with the sun on the forefront. The central figure is higher, while the figures on the right and on the left are somewhat lower. This approach helps to support the circle shape of the stylized white sun. In fact, the white element on the forefront can be interpreted not only as the sun but also as an abstract source of light. In each of these versions, this shape can be explained as the symbol of the new life, new day, innovation, and hope.


Kaiser Permanente Logo
White and blue conjure up the images of water, sky and clouds and help to create a relaxed and peaceful mood. Blue is considered the symbol of loyalty, trust, infinity.


Kaiser Permanente
The type featured on the Kaiser Permanente logo is a customized one so you probably won’t find an identical font. And yet, the Kohinoor Latin Medium font released by Indian Type Foundry looks very close to it. There’re quite a few details that are different, but it does capture the style of the logo. What makes the logo unique is the way some of the letters merge: the “K” and “A,” the “E” and “R,” the “E,” “N,” and “T.” Possibly, these elements could symbolize such values as support, help, community work, etc. It seems to fit the symbolism of the pictorial part of the logo pretty well.