Bacardi logo

bacardi logo

Do you like drinking rum? But do you know what is a really good rum? Probably, there are not any real rum lover who doesn’t know what is Bacardi. Of course besides its famous rum, Bacardi Limited Group (BM) owns more than 100 alcohol brands, including Martini, Bacardi, Dewar’s, Baron Otard, Martini Asti. There are many factors of Bacardi popularity. But the main thing which is a face of the Bacardi is its logo.

Logo history

Bacardi logo history

The logo of Bacardi is a bat. Legend says that it is connected with the wife of Facundo, the creator of Bacardi rum. She arrived to Cuba, and heard various legends about bats. In different legents the bat is a symbol of welfare, success and health.


bacardi symbol
What does this logo look like? It is a bat located in the circle. As I has already mentioned, the design of logo is concerned with legents. But not only with it.The plant bought by Facundo was full of bats.