Lego Logo

Lego Logo
The Lego Group is a private company headquartered in Billund, Denmark. It started producing wooden toys in 1932, and by 1950 its product range already included the interlocking toy bricks for which it is now known all around the world.

Meaning and history

Lego Logo history

The earliest Lego logo was introduced in 1934. The wordmark appeared on business letters, labels, and other printed materials. The products themselves (at that time the company specialized in wooden toys) bore the “LEGO Fabriken Billund” ink stamp from 1936 to 1939, when the “LEGO Billund Denmark” insignia was designed. The emblem featured an image of a wooden box with the word “Lego” in it.
In 1950, when Lego started manufacturing plastic toys, a round emblem was introduced.

Symbol 1952-1973

Lego symbol: 1952-1973
In 1952-1953 the company simultaneously used three logos, which were quite similar, although not identical. The insignia featured the name of the company in a bold sans-serif type. In one of the versions the typeface was italicized. Two versions included red letters on the yellow or a blurred photo background, while the third one consisted of black lettering on the white background.
lego star wars logo
At the end of 1954 the wordmark was placed into an oval shape. It featured one of several colors. The letters acquired attractive curves, though they looked a bit leaner than the currently used ones. There were two dots on either side of the insignia, connected with a horizontal bar, resembling a dogbone.
Lego symbol
The dogbone logo was standardized in 1955. Five years later a square emblem appeared. It included the word “Systems” in a refined italic script, while the dogbone disappeared forever. In the course of time the company created a number of slightly modified versions of the emblem. One of them included five vertical color bars.

The Lego logo does not at all appear to be too pointed or pedantically even. However, these are exactly the characteristics which meet the main requirement of the Lego factory (with accuracy up to 0.002 mm). But in reality, the Lego logo creates the mood corresponding to its hidden meaning – “Leg Godt” – which means “play well”. Indeed, bright colors of the logo invite to the game.

Current emblem

emblem Lego
In 1973, when the company started to manufacture and sell its products in the US, it adopted a standardized logo, which was almost identical to the current symbol. The 1973 wordmark featured white characters with a black and yellow outline on the red background. The emblem had a rectangular shape.
lego batman logo
In 1998 the emblem was given a facelift, which was supposed to make it more convenient for the Web. The emblem stayed almost the same, just the letters grew a bit tighter and the colors became brighter.


Font lego logo
The typeface designed for the emblem in late 1954 looked very much like the current one. In the course of time the characters grew a bit “plumper”.


Color of the Lego Logo
The combination of white, yellow, red, and black has been present in the Lego logo since 1960. The diversity is supposed to remind of the basic colors of the Lego blocks themselves.