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New England Aquarium is an aquarium in Boston, Massachusetts, which was es-tablished in 1969. Today a home for thousands of animals and hundreds of species, the aquarium attracts almost one and half million visitors a year and has several special options, such as whale watching.

Meaning and history

New England Aquarium logo

The New England Aquarium insignia, composed of a circular emblem and a logotype, is pretty simple, yet sophisticated and says a lot about the organization, its purpose, and character.

The main part of the visual identity, a graphical emblem, is a solid blue dot with a pattern of thin white horizontal lines. On this striped background, the white stylized silhouette of a fish is placed. It’s drawn in simple thick and rounded lines, with almost no details, just the tail, head, and eye. The fish is facing left.

On the right of the emblem, there is a delicate and strict wordmark placed in two levels, written in one style and size. The black inscription with all the words in a title case is executed in a classic and calm sans-serif typeface, where the narrowed let-ters look very similar to Helvetica Bold Condensed and Europa Grotesk SB Med Cond fonts.

The simplicity of the composition and its traditional for any aquarium color palette points to the professionalism and authority of the organization, showing it as a place, dedicated to nature and animals. And this is emphasized on some of the logo versions, where the tagline “Protecting the blue planet” is added as a bottom level, in italicized sans-serif.