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The logo of minor league baseball franchise the Midland RockHounds features one of the team’s mascots, Rocky RockHound.

Meaning and history

Midland RockHounds Logo history

The franchise was established in 1972 as Midland Cubs and was renamed Midland Angels twelve years later. The current name and logo were adopted in 1999 when the Midland RockHounds became an affiliate of the Oakland Athletics.

Midland RockHounds logo

Primary symbol

Midland RockHounds symbol

Interestingly enough, the Midland RockHounds logo doesn’t contain any visual links to the parent team’s emblem. The dog seen on the logo is Rocky RockHound, which is one the club’s three mascots. The brown dog is holding a bat and a stylized white baseball with black seams. The word “RockHounds” in a custom sans-serif font can be seen on the forefront. The design is placed inside a blue ring.

Alternative emblems

Midland RockHounds emblem

One of the secondary logos sports Rocky RockHound between letters “R” and “H” against the dark blue background. On another version, Rocky is pictured behind a large “M” on the black background. The team’s wordmark looks exactly like the lettering on the primary logo, apart from the color scheme.


Midland RockHounds Logo baseball

While the team’s official colors are blue, gold, and white, in fact, the Midland RockHounds logo also features two shades of brown, black, and a bluish shade of light grey.