Pittsburgh Pirates Logo

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Pittsburgh Pirates Logo
Almost all the logos the professional baseball team Pittsburgh Pirates has had so far have belonged to one of the two categories: they featured either a capital “P” or a stylized pirate’s head. Although there’ve been around twenty modifications so far, only the original logo represented something different than the two groups mentioned above.

Meaning and history

Pittsburgh Pirates Logo history

While professional baseball has been played in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, since 1876, it was only in 1881 that a local team (which was the strongest of several teams in the area) officially joined the American Association to become one of its founding members.
The fields were located in Allegheny City, which was a separate city at the time and was annexed by the city of Pittsburgh only in 1907. So, the team was referred to as Allegheny or Alleghenys. In 1887, the team joined the National League and received the name of Pittsburgh Alleghenys. Their logo was based on the word “Pittsburgh” in block letters.

Old logo

Pittsburgh Pirates Logo Old
The team changed the name for “the Pirates” before the 1891 season, but the word made its debut on the uniforms only in 1912. The name “Pirates” was adopted after the club was accused of signing a highly regarded player from another team in a way that was “piratical.”
From 1900 to 1935, the era of capital “P” logos lasted. There were around eight logo modifications throughout this period. The franchise was playing with both the shape and colors (red and blue).

Pirate symbol

Pittsburgh Pirates symbol
In 1936, experiments with a pirate’s face logo started. There was a whole succession of designs varying in mood, style, and color scheme.

The 2013 emblem

Pittsburgh Pirates emblem
Since 2013, the team has been using a capital “P” on their caps, and this design is currently the primary Pittsburgh Pirates logo. They still use the emblem with a pirate and two bats as a secondary logo, though.


A separate font was developed on the basis of the letter “P” from the logo. The type can be found in the Internet under the name of MLB Pirates. This is the typeface used on the wordmark, which features both the words of the team’s name in two lines. “Pittsburgh” is given in smaller and simpler black letters, while the lettering “Pirates” is comprised of large gold glyphs with a white and black outline. The yellow text is arched.


Pittsburgh Pirates Logo Color
The primary Pittsburgh Pirates logo comprises only two colors – gold and white. However, the cap insignia and the alternative logo also feature black, so it can be mentioned in the list of the team’s official colors, too.