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The Minor League Baseball team the Olmecas de Tabasco got its name from the civilization of Olmecs, which was the earliest known large civilization in Mexico. The connection with the Olmecs affected the team’s visual identity, specifically its cap insignia.

Meaning and history

Tabasco Olmecas Logo history
The franchise founded in 1975 is part of the Mexican League. Their original name was the Cardinales de Tabasco, while the current one was adopted in 1990.

1990 – 2000

Tabasco Olmecas Logo old
The initial logo for the team was a face of a Native Mexican colored completely red and put in the middle of a baseball. The baseball was, for its part, put in the center of a rough map of the Tabasco region, their home area. They colored the map blue and outlined it in white and red.

2000 – 2013

Tabasco Olmecas Logo 2000
The Olmecas them received a more modern-looking emblem. This one is a baseball surrounded by a dark green ring. This green outline hosts the team’s name: ‘Tabasco’ above, ‘Olmecas’ below – the two separated by white stars. The words also use white and some green. The final touch is the big letter ‘T’ in the middle of the ball.

2014 – Today

Tabasco Olmecas LogoThe updated version features the lettering “Olmecas” in yellow and the “Tabasco” below in smaller letters.


Tabasco Olmecas Logo baseball

The Tabasco Olmecas logo combines a dark green, yellow, black, and white.

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