Tabasco Olmecas Logo

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Tabasco Olmecas Logo
The Minor League Baseball team the Olmecas de Tabasco got its name from the civilization of Olmecs, which was the earliest known large civilization in Mexico. The connection with the Olmecs affected the team’s visual identity, specifically its cap insignia.

Meaning and History logo

Tabasco Olmecas Logo history

The franchise founded in 1975 is part of the Mexican League. Their original name was the Cardinales de Tabasco, while the current one was adopted in 1990.

Old symbol

Tabasco Olmecas symbol
The previous version of the Olmecas de Tabasco logo sported a white baseball with a large “T” on the forefront. The baseball was encircled with the team name in white over the dark green background.

Current emblem

Tabasco Olmecas emblem
The updated version features the lettering “Olmecas” in yellow and the “Tabasco” below in smaller letters.


Tabasco Olmecas Logo baseball
The Tabasco Olmecas logo combines a dark green, yellow, black, and white.