Jackson Generals Logo

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Jackson Generals Logo
The logo of minor league baseball team the Jackson Generals doesn’t contain any visual links with that of its parent club, the Arizona Diamondbacks. In other words, the Generals have a unique and independent brand identity.

Meaning and History logo

Jackson Generals Logo history

The franchise was established in 1978 as the Memphis Chicks. Twenty years later, it moved to Jackson and was renamed West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx. Eventually, in 2011, the team adopted the name Jackson Generals and the current logo.

Primary symbol

Jackson Generals symbol
The main Jackson Generals logo features a dog (presumably a bulldog) chomping a baseball bat. The creature has prominent fangs and is wearing a helmet with three stars. Complemented by the name of the team on the top, the emblem is placed inside a shield shape.

Secondary emblem

Jackson Generals emblem
One of the alternative logos is simply the same dog without the shield shape and the wordmark. Another alternative logo sports the bulldog inside the shield, still without the wordmark insignia. One more version features three gold stars topped by the name of the team in black.


Jackson Generals Logo baseball
The palette of the Jackson Generals logo seems to be heavily based on the logo used before 2011. It also features a saturated shade of green, as well as beige, light grey, and white.