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Chinese company WM Motor, headed by former Volvo top manager Freeman Sheng, finally renamed itself Weltmeister in 2017. In German, Weltmeister means “World Champion”.  Such an ambitious brand name reflects the challenge that the new company poses to the old automakers.

Meaning and history

WM Motor was founded in 2015 and was among the most promising Chinese startups. In just one year, the startup managed to attract investors who invested a total of one billion dollars. Among them were Baidu and Tencent. However, the startup’s losses turned out to be much greater than its revenues, which led to the receipt of bankruptcy status. Representatives registered the trademark Weltmeister, under which now models of electric cars are presented.

The company was founded by Freeman Shen, who previously held management positions at Geely and Volvo Cars. The company is headquartered in Shanghai. Research and development is handled by the Sichuan branch of the company, located in Chengdu. The company also has a regional representative office in Beijing. At the end of 2016, WM Motor began construction of its first plant in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, becoming the first Chinese electric vehicle company to have its facility.

The Weltmeister car brand currently has two models: the EX5-Z and the EX6 Plus. Both current models are built on the patented Ajax platform. The design of this platform provides for the installation of prismatic battery cells, which allow to travel 520 km on a single charge according to the NEDC calculation methodology.

The vehicles are based on three technologies – the Living Motion electric drivetrain, the Living Pilot intelligent driving assistance system with L2 ADAS autonomous driving functions, and the Living Engine operating system, which offers intelligent connectivity and interactive features in the cabin.

What is Weltmeister?
Weltmeister is the name of a Chinese manufacturer of electric cars, which was established in 2015 as WM Motor and renamed in 2017. Today the brand offers two models of cars. Both current models are built on the patented Ajax platform.

In terms of visual identity, Weltmeister is quite a curious brand. The logo on the vehicle acts as a battery charge indicator. When the battery is fully charged, all 5 bars are illuminated. Accordingly, when the battery is 20% discharged, one strip of the logo goes out, and when the battery reaches 20% discharge, the last strip will glow red. By looking at the vehicle, you can immediately determine the battery charge level.

2017 – Today

Weltmeister Logo

The Weltmeister brand logo on the steering wheel is meant to resemble the northern lights and symbolizes the five pillars: people, car, platform, cloud, and communication channels. The emblem is composed of five vertical lines with rounded ends, inscribed into a circular frame of the same thickness. The lines are placed not in a straight row, but jumping, which adds dynamic and playfulness to the concept.

The official logo of the Chinese automaker contains the lettering too. It is set under the emblem and is executed in the uppercase of a bold geometric sans-serif typeface, in plain black.

Font and color

Weltmeister Emblem

The uppercase lettering on the primary Weltmeister logo is set in a custom sans-serif typeface with interesting elements. Based on the modern geometric font, the Weltmeister one has a couple of unique features: the bottom ends of the vertical bars in “T”s and “I” are rounded, which creates a balance with the lines in the emblem.

As for the color palette of the Weltmeister visual identity, it is based on the minimalistic combination of black and white but sometimes can be seen in a more interesting mix of shades, with the white lettering, a solid blue background, and glowing gradient green of the emblem.