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Multix is a joint venture between Eicher Motors Limited and Polaris Industries, specializing in the manufacture of personal utility vehicles. The flagship product is designed to serve multiple purposes, including family transportation and cargo-carrying. The company primarily targets rural and semi-urban areas in India, focusing on versatility and affordability. Multix aims to revolutionize the utility vehicle sector by offering flexible solutions to cater to a wide range of needs.

Meaning and history

Multix Logo

Founded in 2014, Multix is a collaborative enterprise between Eicher Motors, an Indian automaker, and Polaris Industries, an American company known for off-road and leisure vehicles. Their signature product is a multi-utility vehicle aimed at fulfilling diverse roles such as family transportation and business needs. One of the company’s notable achievements is its innovative approach to design. The vehicle can be adapted for multiple uses and is fuel-efficient, designed to cater to the diverse needs of rural and semi-urban Indian consumers.

In terms of technology, Multix was designed to be powered not only by fuel but also by electricity. This offers an eco-friendly alternative and further extends its multi-utility concept. The company has faced its share of ups and downs but has made its mark in the industry by creating a niche of multi-purpose vehicles at an affordable price point.

What is Multix?
Multix is a joint venture between India’s Eicher Motors and America’s Polaris Industries, founded in 2014. The company specializes in manufacturing multi-utility vehicles aimed primarily at the rural and semi-urban markets in India. Its vehicles are designed to serve both as family transport and cargo carriers, offering flexibility and affordability.