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Panhard is a French automaker specializing in military vehicles. Originally established in 1887 as a civilian car manufacturer, it is now a subsidiary of Renault Trucks Defense. The company mainly operates in Europe, where it provides various types of armored and tactical vehicles to military and security forces. Known for quality and innovation, Panhard has become a key player in the European defense industry.

Meaning and history

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Founded in 1887 by René Panhard and Émile Levassor, Panhard initially began as a civilian car manufacturing company in France. It was one of the oldest car brands in the world and played a pivotal role in the early automotive industry. Over the years, the company transitioned its focus to military vehicles, excelling in the development of armored cars, wheeled tanks, and other specialized vehicles. One of its notable achievements was the creation of the Panhard AML, a light armored car that has seen service in numerous countries. In the modern era, Panhard is a subsidiary of Renault Trucks Defense, specializing in a range of military vehicles that meet NATO standards. It continues to be a significant supplier of high-quality, innovative defense solutions primarily in the European market.

What is Panhard?
Panhard is a French company that specializes in the manufacture of military vehicles. Founded in 1887 as one of the world’s oldest car brands, it later transitioned to focus on armored and tactical vehicles. Currently, it is a subsidiary of Renault Trucks Defense and operates mainly in Europe.

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