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Voyah is a premium sub-brand of the state-owned Dongfeng Motor Corporation. The brand was registered in 2017, and the first cars were shown in 2020. The brand is based on the trend of merging modern technology and a conscious attitude towards the planet.

Meaning and history

Voyah is a subsidiary brand of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, one of the largest Chinese automakers. This organization positions Voyah as a premium brand. These are high-tech electric cars that surprise with modern solutions.

Dongfeng company is known primarily for relatively inexpensive cars, as well as simple trucks, but for the Voyah brand it has created its engineering center and recruited a separate team of developers, and Italdesign studio is responsible for the appearance of the cars. A separate modular platform ESSA (Electric Smart Secure Architecture) has been developed specifically for Voyah models: double wishbone suspension at the front, multi-lever at the rear, aluminum subframes, and traction battery under the floor.

The Voyah brand made its debut with a concept sedan i-Land, the name of which stands for i – Intelligent, L – Luxury, A – Autonomous, N – Nature, and D – Delicate.

For 2023, the Voyah lineup is represented by three models: Free, Dreamer, and Passion. These are modern vehicles created by a reputable Chinese manufacturer. They surprise with stylish design, technology, and thoughtfulness down to the last detail. Vehicles are equipped with a powerful motor and a good battery that can hold a charge for a long time.

What is Voyah?
Voyah is the name of a Chinese car brand that was founded in 2018 by Dongfeng Motor, one of China’s largest state-owned auto companies, as a premium brand for electric vehicles and hybrids. Voyah has kept company with other brands in Dongfeng’s portfolio such as Junfeng, Fengdu, Fengxing and Fengguang, and several others.

In terms of visual identity, references to culture, religion, and history in Voyah cars are literally in everything. The company takes a very responsible approach to its image and emphasizes interesting details. And it’s not only about the logo but also about the interior of the Voyah cars.

2020 – Today

Voyah Logo

Voyah is an international name, but in China, the brand is called Lantu. The Voyah logo is stylized as a fish that comes out of the water and turns into a bird – there is a whole legend behind it.

In brief, the legend goes like this: “In the Northern Ocean there is a fish called K’yun. Jumping out of the water, K’yun becomes a bird named P’yun. Flapping his wings, P’yun flies into the sky. “…” Pushing off from the turbulent waves, the bird flies into the Southern Ocean. It beats its wings on the water, raising the waves three thousand li, flying high, soaring ninety thousand li. The P’yen bird flies, resting once every six moons. It carries the blue sky on its shoulders and looks at the world from an incredible height. The proud bird does not utter a word until the end of the journey. In its eyes, everything on Earth is like a speck of dust. And the inhabitants of the earth cannot help looking at it, for the P’yen bird is too visible.”

The Voyah logo is the mythical K’yun P’yen, which represents freedom, wisdom, and transcending the ordinary.

Font and color

Voyah Emblem

The minimalistic geometric uppercase lettering from the primary Voyah badge is set in a sharp and distinctive sans-serif typeface, with the removed horizontal bar of the “A”. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Conquera Medium, or ND Alias Wider Regular, with some minor modifications.

As for the color palette of the Voyah visual identity, the brand has several options. The primary version of the logo is a silver three-dimensional composition on a transparent background. Another version of the logo uses a smooth yet dark shade of blue for the background and white for the emblem and the lettering. In the third version, we can see all elements drawn in medium-dark gray on a white background.

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