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AMG is a luxury German brand of Mercedes-Benz car customization performance, which was founded in 1967 and acquired by Daimler in 1999. The label is widely known for the production of high-end versions of the most popular German cars.

Meaning and history

AMG Logo

The brand’s name, AMG, is an abbreviation of its two founders’ names, Aufrecht and Melcher, and the city of birth of one of them, Grossaspach. It is a legendary brand, with a high value of roots and traditions.

AMG still uses the logo and emblem, created in 1967, right after the company’s foundation. And the brand’s visual identity is iconic and considered to be one of the most stylish in the automobile industry.

The  AMG logo is composed of a wordmark with five parallel diagonal lines on its left. The typeface of the wordmark features bold and confident lines with districts and slightly rounded angles. The left vertical bar of the letter “A” is parallel to the diagonal lines, which vary in their thickness, starting from the biggest one on the left.

The AMG logo is a reflection of the brand’s power and dynamic. It celebrates the progressive and confident company, which has huge respect and influence in the world’s automobile industry.

The Emblem

AMG emblem

The AMG emblem is a very colorful and ornate representation of the brand’s history and heritage. It is composed of a circle with a thick framing, where the brand’s nameplate and the Affalterbach lettering are located.

The central part of the emblem contains two images, vertically divided by a silver-gray line. On the left, you can see a bright green tree with red apples, on the blue river, which symbolizes the company’s location — Affalterbach city. It is a coat of arms in the region of Germany.

The brand chose to use the current location, not the original one because it’s the coat of arms that was not that beautiful and colorful — the Grossaspach emblem features grape leaves.

The right side of the emblem features an image of an AMG valve, which is a celebration of the company’s profile and expertise. It is executed in gray and black and placed on a cream-beige background.

The AMG emblem is full of art and elegance. It is bright and symbolic, perfectly reflecting the legendary brand’s legacy and its creative approach. The classic drawings are accompanied by the strong and modern wordmark, with balances the emblem and make it timeless and sophisticated.

Overall, AMG visual identity is one of the most outstanding examples of car industry brands.

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