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FOMM (First One Mile Mobility) is an innovative project focused on revolutionizing short-distance transportation. It was created by Hideo Tsurumaki in Japan. The initiative aims to provide efficient, compact electric vehicles specifically designed for the crucial first or last mile of a person’s daily commute. These vehicles are engineered to be eco-friendly, easy to maneuver in crowded urban environments, and adaptable to various road conditions.

Meaning and history

FOMM, founded by Hideo Tsurumaki in Japan, emerged from a vision to transform urban transportation. Tsurumaki, inspired by the 2011 Tsunami’s impact, recognized the need for compact, efficient mobility solutions in disaster-prone areas. FOMM’s mission revolves around creating small, electric vehicles ideal for short, urban journeys – the critical first or last mile of daily commutes. Their signature vehicle, compact and eco-friendly, is designed to navigate congested cityscapes effortlessly while contributing to environmental sustainability. FOMM’s innovation lies in addressing urban mobility challenges with a focus on resilience and adaptability, making short-distance travel not only more accessible but also environmentally conscious. This approach positions FOMM at the forefront of redefining urban mobility for a future where efficiency, sustainability, and adaptability are paramount.

What is Fomm?
FOMM is a pioneering venture that concentrates on enhancing short-distance urban travel through compact, eco-friendly electric vehicles. Spearheaded by Hideo Tsurumaki in Japan, FOMM’s philosophy is rooted in providing innovative transportation solutions for the crucial first or last mile of a commuter’s journey, blending sustainability with cutting-edge technology to redefine city mobility.


Fomm logo

The logo features a stylized rendition of the word “Fomm” in a bold, sans-serif typeface. It employs a bright blue hue, symbolizing innovation and eco-friendliness. The initial “F” extends with a flowing, forward-leaning line, suggesting motion and progress. This design element encapsulates the brand’s focus on forward-thinking mobility. The double “m” at the end reinforces the idea of movement and mirrors the dual emphasis on functionality and modernity in urban transport. The overall simplicity of the design reflects the company’s commitment to sleek, practical, and accessible mobility solutions.

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