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Dongfeng is the name of a Chinese automobile brand that was established in 1968 and specialized in the production of passenger and commercial vehicles, along with engines and other automotive components. The state-owned company is one of the largest automakers in the region.

Meaning and history

Dongfeng is one of those brands, that do not like experiments, and once found something really good, keep moving in that direction. The same approach the company has to its visual identity — the Dongfeng logo was designed in the 1960s and is still used by the brand, being just slightly cleaned up and gaining a logotype complementing it. Though the logotype is not always used with the emblem.

The Dongfeng emblem is composed of two stylized elements enclosed into a circular frame. All the lines of the badge are executed in intense red and set on a white background, which becomes transparent when placed on a car bonnet. The composition inside the ring looks like a shuriken, with sharp blades and ends. It is formed by two V-like shapes with arched sides and pointed peaks. The contours make them lol like two flames.

The Dongfeng “flames” are placed like a swirl, with one of them turned upside-down. And this is what makes the whole badge look dynamic, adds motion and energy to a simple picture.

The logotype in black bold capitals is usually placed under the emblem or on its left. In the second case, the letters are enlarged and feature the same size as the circular badge of the brand. The thick lines with straight cuts and rounded angles balanced the sharp emblem with its circular frame, creating a whole harmonized looks

Font and color

Dongfeng logo

The Dongfeng logotype in the uppercase is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface with a strong character and a very modern look. The thick letters look stable and confident and small cuts on the “D” and “F” add individuality and lightness to the whole inscription. The type of the brand’s logo is very similar to such fonts as Future Tense Regular and Hyperspace Race Expanded Heavy, but with some lines modified and softened.

The color palette of the Dongfeng brand is based on a win-win combination of red and black, which represents the energy, power, and confidence of the company, adding a touch of style and passion to the overall look of the badge. When placed on the car the badge turns silver and starts looking more modest and serious, though still elegant and eye-catching.