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GAC Group, an integral part of Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group (GAIG), excels in automotive manufacturing. The state-owned Guangzhou-based corporation, founded in 1997, extends its operations across various regions, including China, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia. Diversified sub-brands under the GAC umbrella signify their global reach.

Meaning and history

Established in 1997 by the Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group (GAIG), GAC Group has built a reputation in the automotive industry. Its milestones include launching its own brand, GAC Motor, in 2008 and entering international markets. As of now, GAC continues to flourish, driving innovation with hybrid and electric vehicles, and further expanding its global presence.

What is GAC Group?
GAC Group is a China-based automaker owned by the Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group (GAIG). Notably, it produces vehicles under various brands and extends its market to multiple global regions.

GAC Group Logo