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SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corp.) uses a logo inspired by a rocket trajectory.

Meaning and history

SpaceX Logo history


SpaceX Logo-2002

2002 – Today

SpaceX Logo

The fact that the company was founded by Elon Musk casts some light at the SpaceX logo. If you compare it with the logo of another Musk’s brand, Tesla, you will notice the overall approach and the typography are somewhat similar.

In both cases, the brand has an icon featuring a stylized letter. In the case of the Tesla logo, this letter is the initial, while in the case of the SpaceX logo, this letter is the final one.


The proportions and shape of the glyphs featured in the SpaceX wordmark look pretty much like those of the Tesla wordmark. This is especially noticeable for the “S” – the overall structure of the letter is the same, although, in the SpaceX wordmark, its small elements are slightly more rounded. This can imply that SpaceX deals with higher speeds.

The “X” emblem

SpaceX Emblem

According to the brand’s explanation, the “X” was inspired by the trajectory of a rocket launched into space. This is exactly what the gray stroke at the forefront represents. The blue diagonal bar in the background has a calmer and more utilitarian style.

The “X” can be used both as part of the primary SpaceX logo or as a standalone icon.