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Sterling is the name of the American automaking brand which was established by Austin Rover in 1987 and discontinued in 1991. There were two models released by the brand during four years of the Austin collaborative work with Honda. In 1990 both models were introduced in Oxford Edition, with upgraded salon design.

Meaning and history

Sterling is a short living brand, which only existed for four years, this there was just one logo designed for its cars. The bandage was clean and neat, in a traditional shape and color palette, evoking a sense of stability and protection, and looking elegant on the bonnet or grille.

The Sterling Motors logo featured a horizontally stretched ellipsoid badge in a thick silver outline, which was three-dimensional due to the use of light gradient shades. The inner part of the medallion was colored light but the intense shade of blue, also with some gradients. The lettering in a title-case was written in voluminous silver letters across the blue part of the logo, executed in a classy and fine serif typeface.

The logo of the brand looked very usual and modest, with regular lines and no artsy solutions, and this simplicity elevated the look of the badge, making it synonymous with affordable comfort and safety.

Font and color

Sterling logo

The light yet sleek lettering on the Sterling Motors badge was written in a serif font with smooth thin lines and very delicate sharp serifs on their ends. All contours of the letters were very traditional and timeless, which balanced the elegant shape of the emblem, and made its thick framing look lighter and more sophisticated. The typeface of the Sterling logotype was very similar to such well-known font as ITC Garamond Std Condensed Book, with the narrowed contours of the letters, and a slightly retro feeling.

The color palette of Sterling Motors’ visual identity was built around the combination of blue and silver and their gradients. These colors made the badge look fresh and modern, evoking a sense of trustworthiness, reliability, and loyalty of the brand to its customers. The shade of blue added crispiness and looked delightful, making the badge of the brand stand out in the list of its competitors.