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SsangYong is. Korean brand of the car manufacturer, which was established in 1963 and today is owned by the Indian Mahindra Corporation. The brand was formed through the merger of two Korean companies and was focused on the production of military jeeps at the beginning of its history.

Meaning and history

SsangYong Logo history

1950s – 1960s

SsangYong Logo-1950s
1960s – 1978

SsangYong Logo-1960s
1978 – 1987

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1988 – 1989

SsangYong Logo-1988
1989 – 1997

SsangYong Logo-1989
1992 – 2000s

SsangYong Logo-1992
2000s – Today

SsangYong Logo

The name of the brand, SsangYong, means a twin-dragon, and the brand’s visual identity was based on a literate meaning since the very beginning of the brand’s formation.

The SsangYong logo is composed of a wordmark with a memorable and recognizable emblem on its left. The color palette of the brand’s visual identity varies from monochrome to blue on a white background, which is both very traditional and calm combinations, evoking a sense of professionalism and company’s stability.

The SsangYong wordmark is executed in a classic sans-serif-typeface, with two capital letters “S” and “Y” and no space between the two-part of the brand’s name.

The iconic SsangYong emblem depicts a stylized image of two wings, forming an open ring, symbolizing the dragon. It is a symbol of freedom, movement, and growth, which is simple and elegant at the same time.

The SsangYong logo is pretty modest in comparison to other car manufacturer’s visual identity concepts, but it says a lot about the brand and its background.